Get The Look

27 Mar

We love when designers use animal inspired art as the focal point of a room and have come across a few looks we cannot get enough of. Here are a few animal inspired rooms we love along with tips on how to recreate the looks with items from Shop Remodo.

We came across this photo and could not stop thinking about it! We love how dramatic this room feels with the chandelier and neutral tones. To get this look place our White Horse wall mural behind a white bed and our zigzag grey and white bench at the foot of the bed.  Place two to three of our Butterfly 2 pillows on the bed for a pop of color and a neutral lamp on the nightstand to make the look come together.

09bed_rect540(Image)White HorseWhite Horse Wall Mural Available on Shop Remodo6225STZGZGASHWHZigzag Bench Available on Shop Remodorandi-antonsen-butterfly-2-throw-pillowButterfly 2 Pillow Available on Shop Remodo

We absolutely love this bedroom designed by Amber Interiors! To replicate this effortlessly chic look place our White Stallion removable wall mural behind your bed and hang six to eight photos you love on each side of the wall mural. Place our black ceramic lamps on each side of the bed and add decorative accent pillows on top of our Provencal Lavender duvet to make the room pop. To really make the wall behind the bed stand out, try painting it a shade darker than the rest of the walls for a dramatic feel.

cec5b69d8844daad23fabe5bc812e699(Image)White StallionWhite Stallion Wall Mural Available on Shop RemodoTL08086BKBlack Ceramic Lamp Available on Shop Remodo khristian-a-howell-provencal-lavender-5-duvet-pillowsProvencal Lavender Duvet Cover Available on Shop Remodo

Featured in Traditional Home, this bedroom is from the home of Virginia Mary Brown in Houston, TX. The owner worked closely with architect Dillon Kyle to design and create the her dream home, which she shares with her husband and four sons. We love how creative they were with this space! By building the bed and desk into the wall they were able to have more usable space and create a light and airy feel. The use of the curtain to shield the bed from light in the morning is such a great idea and so easy to do. If you love this look, but want something a little bolder try putting our Grey Puppy removable wall mural in your room and place our Porcelain Armless chair in front of it.

a45022fb4aa169bde789ce53a2497575(Image)Grey PuppyGrey Puppy Wall Mural Available on Shop Remodo

5705HMLPRCPorcelain Armless Chair Available on Shop Remodo

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